Thoughts on Flying

As I write this, I am 10,000 feet in the sky, sipping coffee and enjoying the Alaskan midnight sun over the clouds at one o’clock in the morning. To my left, I see the sky painted in the wonderful colors of sunset, and to my right I see a man trying to get some sleep before he arrives in Seattle. The truth is I would love to sleep, but airplanes make me nervous. Therefore, to calm my nerves, I write. I was originally going to write my next (but late, sorry) super-informative yoga post, but I am unable to bring myself to turn on the overhead light so I can see my notes. This is a red eye flight, people are sleeping, and I know it would make their lives harder. Between the couple travelling with their infant and the woman with the service dog, I’m trying to do everything I can to make their lives a little easier. Right now, that means leaving my light off.

This flight was booked about a month ago on a whim because I felt I needed to get away. My anxiety had reached phenomenal levels and was becoming difficult to cope with, so I consulted Google to find flights to Seattle to see my aunt. This woman is the such a positive breath of fresh air in this crazy world, so I figure she’s probably one of the best people to be around given what is going on. When I called her to make sure it would work before buying my tickets (because I over plan everything) she only said, “yes please!” I bought my tickets and have been on the edge of my seat with anticipation since. On a side note, I was pretty surprised that I found round-trip tickets from Anchorage, Alaska to Seattle, Washington for approximately $160. Travel is not free, but it is possible my friends.

The trip down the runway was slightly terrifying to be honest, but it almost always is for me. The plane seemed to move a little rougher than I remember my last take off, and take off turbulence seemed to last a little longer. Once we got into the air my nerves calmed, and here I sit. The flight attendant even offered for me to take an entire row to myself since the plane is only about half full. If I hadn’t opted for coffee I could lay across the seats and nap for the remainder of the flight. Two hours of sleep would probably be beneficial, but the coffee has already hit.

I have the same thought process every time I fly. Takeoff is terrifying, but while in the air I am almost always relaxed save for the moments of turbulence. The view is utterly amazing and I’m always incredibly excited to reach my destination. This thought process is the same in other aspects of life. In moments of anxiety, it feels as if the world will undoubtedly end. The anxious feelings always pass though, and I am left feeling silly for overreacting even if it is because my brain plays tricks on me. The moral of this story is that everything is always okay, even if it feels as if it won’t be. If you’re still breathing, it’s not the end.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Flying

  1. I love travelling! I’m not afraid of flying now, but I was in the past. I don’t like long flights, I can’t sleep while sitting, it’s uncomfortable and too loud for me.
    But I really enjoy visiting new places, learning new cultures, tasting some regional food. I would travel all the time if I had enough time and money 🙂


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