Corpse Pose (Savasana)

Savasana, or Corpse Pose, is an amazing restorative pose. This pose is usually added to the end of a practice for restorative and meditative purposes. It seems as if it would be one of the easiest poses, but it is actually considered one of the most difficult, as relaxation doesn’t always come easily. The balance between staring at the ceiling trying to relax and sleeping can take a good bit of practice to achieve.

Most of what Savasana has to offer are mental benefits. It helps calm the brain and relieve mild depression and stress. It is also good for those nights you find yourself unable to sleep, since it relaxes the mind and body. Corpse Pose can also help relieve headaches and fatigue. Lastly, the restorative meditation properties of Savasana can help lower blood pressure. Savasana doesn’t have quite the list of benefits that other poses can have, but the benefits it does offer can have a great impact on your mind and body.

Savasana may seem like simply lying down and relaxing, but it is more complicated than it seems. It is better to do this pose after a routine so your body doesn’t feel as restless, making it easier to reach relaxation and meditation. When you lie down on your mat, make sure your back is as flush with the mat as is comfortable. If you have pain in your back that is made worse by this, you can put a pillow under your knees so your lower back is also touching the mat. Before I attempt to slip into meditation mode, I like to wiggle my arms, hands, and feet to get the fidgeting out of my system. Then I tilt my chin down a little so my neck is also touching my mat, and I close my eyes. To meditate, I like to focus on clearing my mind. As thoughts come up, I acknowledge them and let them go. Don’t focus too much on doing it right because the relaxation and meditation will become easier with practice.

I have noticed that by doing Savasana after every practice, I allow my mind and body to really absorb the nutrients of my practice. My mind is more calm and clear, and I find I can deal with events that would cause anxiety in a more health manner. I hope this pose does as much for you.

If you would like a video tutorial, you can see Adriene’s here.



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